Pro-Grade Materials

As a subterranean environment, a basement is subject to issue that most of the home is not.  To that end, we only use metal studs and Magnesium Wallboards.  For years, Builders have been using gypsum board (or drywall) to quickly build walls in home.  But we don’t and won’t use it, and here’s why.


Magnesium Boards is stronger.

This is due to the inherent stiffness and strength of Magnesium wall board.  A 12mm magnesium board will support 200 lbs. in shear force.


Magnesium board is safer.

Unlike drywall, Magnesium Board benefits from a one hour fire separation ULW-490 rating.  Magnesium Board is actively anti-microbial as mold cannot grow on it due to the high magnesium chloride (salt) content.  Magnesium board is cut with carbide saws or simply scored and snapped so there is less dust, and the dust that there is is less harmful as both Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride are used in health supplements.


Magnesium Board is cost effective.

Less fussy handling and faster finishing times moves the installed cost of Magnesium Board closer to the cost of installed regular gypsum and in some cases cheaper than other branded “water resistant” boards.


Magnesium Board is easy to work with.

Magnesium Board is easier to prep for paint, and it takes paint better than traditional Gypsum Drywall.  It possible to pain the same day as boarding and get a high-quality finish.  As Magnesium Board is easily cut with a saw, you end up with a cleaner better job with little requirement for tap and mud-joints.


Magnesium Board is greener.

At the end of the job, the scrap pieces of Magnesium Board can go to any landfill or, when crushed, it can be used as a soil supplement as plants need magnesium to photosynthesize.  And thanks to the inherent strength of Magnesium Board you can use thinner walls and less materials resulting in less waste.