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Before 2020, your home seemed to have all the space it needed. After months of spending more time in your space, the house doesn’t seem to be as roomy as before. That’s because of what happens when you spend more time in one place: cabin fever.


There are ways to expand your space while adhering to the safety guidelines. It all starts with talking to a contractor about managing the basement finishing you’ve been thinking about for some time. Once the area is finished, a thorough basement renovation will give you more area to put to good use. The team at Penguin Basements can help you with this project.


Things to Do As Part of the Finishing and Renovation


Some basements need more work than others. Our team at Penguin Basements will develop a plan that will make sure nothing is overlooked. With your input, we’ll determine what needs to change in terms of the plumbing and wiring. The floor and walls will be prepared and waterproofed. If any crawl spaces need to be enclosed, we can take care of that too.


As part of the process, we’ll also check the space for mold and take care of any remediation that’s needed. Our team will also inspect the foundation early on and ensure it’s stable. If it needs any attention before we begin the finishing, rest assured it will be done.


Renovating the Space For Your Personal Use


Right now, the focus is on having the basement finished and doing something with it that helps you feel more comfortable. One approach is to renovate the basement so it serves a purpose that would normally be served outside the home. Here are a few ideas to consider.


  • Your Own Home Gym: One of the ways to fight the battle of the bulge while also improving your mental and emotional health is to exercise. Since gyms aren’t an option for many people, creating one you can use at home makes a lot of sense. The basement can be outfitted with whatever type of free weights, machines, and mats you want.
  • A Private Theatre: Install a big screen, a kitchenette with a microwave oven, fridge, and storage for snacks, and plenty of comfortable seats. Use the basement to recreate a theatre ambiance that feels like going to see a movie or play. Think of it as your way to go out without having to go out.
  • A Media Room: Watching movies is not all you can do with the basement. Set it up so that you can video conference with loved ones who are also practicing social distancing. It’s also a great space to play any online or video games using a larger screen. Remember to set aside space for offline activities too, like curling up with a real book in your hands.
  • Space for Arts and Crafts: If you’re into arts and crafts, the finished basement is a great place to set up a large craft table and build in some shelves and cabinetry for storage. While away the hours tapping into your creativity and making all sorts of things you can use later.


The great thing is that even after the pandemic is a thing of the past, you can still use the basement for all these purposes. Talk with our team at Penguin Basements about your renovation needs and we will customize it accordingly.


How About Other Functions After the Pandemic?


Our team at Penguin Basements can also help you look to the future by suggesting other functions the basement can serve in the future. Many of them will be an easy conversion from a pandemic-era use. Consider these ideas:


  • A Full Bedroom Suite: There’s no doubt that second suites are helpful when company comes. Once the current crisis is over, you’ll undoubtedly like the idea of having loved ones visit for a long weekend here and there. A bedroom suite in the basement means everyone is comfortable, has private space, and feels at home.
  • A Home Office: As things return to some semblance of normalcy, a home office may be just the space you need. From serving as the base of operations for all things related to the home, it’s also a good place to study or work on a side business.
  • Create a Rental Unit: As an investment, you could convert the space into an apartment that makes it easier to generate a second income. All you need is to ensure the plumbing, wiring, and other elements are up to code. Once you’re sure that all the legal rental issues are in order, find a tenant. The extra income will be great, and you still have all your space upstairs.


Finishing and renovating the basement does not have to wait. The team at Penguin Basements stands ready to do whatever it takes to transform the basement into space you can use now. Give us a call at 1-866-262-8298 today. You can also fill out the FREE ESTIMATE form on this page. Together, we can make your basement into space that makes living in a pandemic a little easier to handle while also ensuring it’s useful in the years to come.


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