What We Do


We do basements. Mostly basements.* But not just any kind of basement. We help you realize the basement of your dreams with a better planned, better designed and better-built basement renovation. Actually, you could say we are as much a project management company as we are a basement contractor. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right, right?


We understand people tend to renovate their basements because they’re looking for more usable space.


So, whether you’re interested in adding a new game room, wine cellar or bar as part of your dream basement, a newly renovated basement can offer you ample space for these and many more needs. Perhaps you’re looking to do more than just address space? Maybe functionality is the name of the game. Maybe you are looking to add a bedroom, a basement spa, a gym or home theatre to your home, or maybe you are thinking about adding an income generating second suite or basement apartment?


One of the best reasons to finish or renovate your basement is that you can customize it any way that you want it. Remember, you can use this space for virtually anything! The possibilities are simply endless. 


If you are looking for ideas, we would be happy to help you come up with some ideas for how to best use your basement based on our experiences.


* While we began in and fine-tuned our services in basements, a lot of the work we did on second suites saw us repeatedly invited upstairs. Now after building enough kitchens to consider ourselves a Kitchen company, we now are. But only for our Penguin Basements, or Penguin Condo-Reno clients only.

Finished Basements


We help our clients visualize their finished basement needs from both a planning and budgetary perspective.  Are you looking to expand your living space, add an in-home theatre or to build a basement apartment for your dear old Uncle? Once we understand you needs, we work together to build out your dream basement via our project managed approach and our unique client portal.  We’ll invite you to our offices to work closely with our designer to realize the tiniest details, and then we’ll build you a basement constructed to protect against mold and mildew for life by using basement appropriate non-organic materials instead of the typical gypsum drywall and wood studs that have no place in a basement environment.


The following sections outline just some of the things you can do within a complete basement renovation.

Second Suites


In a market where home prices continue to rise at increasingly faster rates, the only way to get ahead with a single home is to consider its use as a second suite or basement rental property.  We call this “The Second Suite Solution.™”  Not only will this make home ownership more affordable for you, it can help you establish a real estate portfolio and financial independence.   Ask us if a second suite could benefit you, and we’ll show you how to plan and finance, not just the apartment, but a brighter future.

Second Suite Bedroom
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Increased Living Space


Nothing frees up more living space in a home for less than investing in a properly permitted, designed and built finished basement.  Let us sit down with you to look at your needs to plan the perfect basement together.



Adding a walk-out or basement entrance to your basement renovation plans can increase the functionality and accessibility of any basement, whether for personal use or to add direct access to an income suite while protecting your own privacy.  Add a direct entrance to an in-home office, nanny suite, or games room (ideal in summer!) and avoid tracking dirt and debris through the whole house. Penguin Basements can help you find an experienced Renomark™ foundation expert to install your walk-out.

Games Room


Pool, Table Tennis, Poker, Table Hockey, Video Games… nothing helps you enjoy life more than a finished basement designed around the recreational activities you enjoy.  We can help you with layouts, lighting, and even design to make sure your games room is all fun and games.

Kids’ Sanctuary


Create a sanctuary for or from the kids, depending on your needs and perspective.  We can help you plan and build a play area, and a games room or an area to allow your children to entertain their friends and play with their toys all without disrupting the rest of the house.  Imagine an upstairs living room free of toys, screaming kids and the other joys of parenthood.  You’re Welcome.

kids sanctuary

Play Areas


Tired of asking your kids to pick up after themselves, or worse stepping on Lego™ pieces in the middle of the night when on a snack run to the kitchen?  A bright, well-designed play area in a finished basement should be an inviting sanctuary to children freeing up the main floor for more refined adult activities.



Growing out of your home, but can’t afford a bigger place, or the inconvenience of off-site storage?  Let us transform your basement into an organized storage area that not only gives you more space for your stuff, but a place to enjoy it.  Sit down with our basement experts today and we’ll show you how to get all your need out of a finished basement.

Finished Basement Laundry Room
Basement Bar, tasting room and wine cellar

Wine Cellars


Ah, living the high life, that’s the dream.  The basement environment is the perfect place to establish the family wine cellar.  Let us show you the latest in designs and trends to help you create the perfect retreat for the wine lover in your family.  Pair a built-in cellar with a bar, and some elegant seating and you’ll have a room more sophisticated than any establishment in town can offer.   And all without the dreaded markup on liquor.

Home Theaters


Love Movies, but hate the crowds, the costs, and the stale popcorn?  Consider a home theater.  We can help you build the home theater of your dreams from mild to wild.  Whether you want a place for the family to enjoy their favourite movies, a gathering place for your sports buddies to cheer on the play-offs, or a first-run home theater experience for your closest friends to rival the best night out during TIFF, we can help you write the script.




A second kitchen for entertaining, or a place to eat while enjoying the benefits of your new living space in the basement, or the centrepiece of a Nanny Flat, Guest Suite or Rental Unit? Basement kitchens are something we specialize in. Heck, you can say Kitchens are something we specialize in.




When your enjoying life in your newly finished Penguin Basement, the last thing you’ll want to do is answer nature’s call upstairs.  Let us help you plan the perfect basement bathroom whether that’s a simple two-piece or the ultimate spa retreat.  If it can be done, chances are we’ve already done it.


Guest Rooms


Sometimes you need some extra room for house guests, family or the new baby’s nanny.  We can help you design the perfect basement guest room that not only works and looks great but can be easily adapted to other uses as the family’s needs change.

Whatever You Want


Your basement is a blank canvas.  And the perfect way to address any short-coming within your home. Need more space; no problem.  Want somewhere to enjoy your hobbies, or to escape the rat race, we can help there too.  In fact, what you can do with your basement is really only limited by your imagination.  Give Penguin Basements a call. We’ll arrange a visit to check-out your existing basement, listen to your wants and needs and then help turn your dreams into a viable basement plan for FREE.  We turned hundred of dreams into reality last year alone, let us do the same for you in 2021.