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If you are considering finishing your basement and you live in Preston, Hespeler, Galt or Blair in the city of Cambridge, you need to contact the experts. Our team at Penguin Basements can take your ideas, run with them and turn them into something feasible and legal.


Completing a basement renovation is not easy and should never be a DIY project. There are just too many building, fire and zoning codes to comply with. Not to mention, the permits and licences you need. Even if you do not intend to rent the finished basement and want it purely for personal use, you owe it to your family to make them as safe as possible. Having said that, you already have all the infrastructure needed for a watertight, warm and cozy ‘home within a home’. You have the electrical circuits, water pipework and drainage already laid on. And, have a good roof and foundations. What more do you need?


Let us tell you. You need our team to bring these raw materials and your initial ideas to fruition. Perhaps, you might not need them at present. But, if you decide to sell your home in the future, you will need all the legal paperwork already done. And, that means complying with the law and having the work done professionally. So, contact our team at Penguin Basements on 519-900-4353 or complete the form on this page for more information.


Consider your basement’s future use


Even if you only want your finished basement to be extra accommodation for your family, what happens when they are all grown up? Surely, the last thing you want is for your hard-earned investment to stand idle? Make sure your finished basement is built to code. Then, you will know that it only needs a coat of paint if you decide to use it as a rental for extra income later on in retirement. You have probably heard that Cambridge City agreed to change the zoning bylaws allowing secondary residential units to be an acceptable modification to our homes. Do not miss out on this opportunity. Contact our team at Penguin, and have a chat about your options.


This means, when the kids have grown up and no longer need a playroom or somewhere to entertain their friends, you can use it as a legal rental, second suite. Perhaps, this will be the start of your property portfolio. Otherwise, it is a useful second income for you if you decide to semi-retire.


Your gift to the family


Our families always come first and a habitable basement has all kinds of possibilities if you want to concentrate on personal use.


  • Use the extra space as a hobby room for craftwork, art, music or a reading room to get away from it all.
  • Have a home cinema to keep the kids and their friends out of the main living room upstairs.
  • Do you have a teenaged son who loves working out? You can turn the basement into his own personal gym. The equipment will be safe and won’t clutter the rest of the house.
  • You can also let independent family members live in it free of charge. A self-contained apartment under your roof will be ideal for grown-up kids who want to save for their first house.
  • Alternatively, let your elderly parents live there. They will keep their independence and still be able to call on you in an emergency. Also, ideal if you want free babysitters.
  • And, later on when you have retired and you find the house cleaning too much. You can move into the second suite and rent the main house.
  • Surely one of the best reasons to have a finished basement is to increase the value of your property. You can only use your converted basement as a selling point if it is finished to the local and national building and fire codes, and complies with the local zone bylaws.


Your design ideas or ours


Even if you only have one or two design ideas, our professional design team can turn these into workable solutions. Or, if you prefer you can browse through our portfolio of ready made design ideas. As long as we know your budget, we can tweak our designs to give you more family space or a second suite. Or, maybe both. Phone us to arrange an interview so we can inspect your existing basement and talk about your budget. Nothing could be simpler.


What can we offer you?


As well as being a member of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association, we have also won the Consumer Choice Award for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. And, we are a Homestars Verified company to give you even more peace of mind. To put it bluntly, we are experts in basement finishing and all the other jobs associated with this.


We are so sure that you will prefer our terms, we actively encourage you to take our quote and compare it against the competition. Contact the team today for a no-obligation estimate. We know that we are good at our job, and all our teams are fully trained or undergoing supervised training.


We will handle all the City’s legal paperwork for you. And, make sure that your finished ‘home within a home’ complies with the law and is something you can be proud of.


Don’t forget, Contact us at Penguin Basements and we will start the ball rolling right away.


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