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If you’re thinking about upgrading your basement while living in Keswick, Penguin Basements has got your back. The planning and implementation of a basement design takes hard work, experience, and meticulous planning. Many companies may offer you lower prices to get your basement done but at the end of the day, you’re looking to get a basement that’s not only done but also makes the most of the space you have and remains as good as new for years to come.


Having a half-fast basement finishing that falls apart after a year with no warranty is probably not your go-to. You want a basement planned out, designed, and implemented in a way that maximizes what you have whilst minimizing the cost. At Penguin Basements, we are committed to having your experience be one to remember. And not in a bad way. Easily accessible through Highway 404 from our head office, our team is available to come to your doorstep within a matter of minutes to give you a free in-home or online estimate.


A New Basement, A New Vision


Your basement is a key part of your new home. When a basement is unfinished, it might seem like not as big of a deal as to what goes on in there but as soon as your basement is complete and you start spending more and more time downstairs, you’ll view it as far more important. That’s why our team at Penguin Basements is ready to provide you with the equipment and services you need to make that basement a reality.


Having a basement for personal use can go many ways, it’s quite similar to a blank canvas with unlimited possibilities.


1. Having Some Alone Time: Sometimes you need a place to go to relax in the home without being constantly pestered by either phone calls, kids, or anyone else. Perhaps you can set up a home gym or a yoga studio where you can go for a workout or get into a positive mindset. Install a soft foam tile flooring and walls, maybe bring in some yoga balls and a treadmill, remember, you’re the director and we’re the producers.


2. Bringing the Fun Inside: Keeping the kids active has always been a major priority, especially with the pandemic making it even more difficult to get them off of their phones and iPads. Investing in a mini playground for the kids can keep them active and have the family be more involved. For toddlers, a mini slide is possible and a huge toy set so that you don’t accidentally trip on a car in the hallway upstairs for the 24th time.


3. Sports Centre Galore: Your basement can be the key not only to your smallest inhabitants but also the largest. Play with the kids or with friends by installing a ping-pong table, pool, futsal, or darts. It also can’t hurt to have mini soccer, just make sure to have soft walls in that case.


4. Video Game Extravaganza: A bachelor’s den can be a great gift for your teen with space galore to set up a comfy reclining couch and massive flatscreen TV. Just make sure they don’t stay in there too long.


5. Family Movie Night: Nothing brings the family closer together than a movie night spent on recliners while eating popcorn after a hard week’s work. Install sound-proof walls and flashy LED lighting to bring the true cinematic experience directly into the comfort of your own home!


Why Not Make Some Extra Cash?


Personal use however isn’t the only option available. Second suites (i.e. rented out basement dwelling units) are in high demand, especially with university students coming from across the country and the globe to the GTA. Being located in Keswick gives you the advantage of being a better deal for budget-tight students who may not afford a Toronto residence.


You can net yourself a solid cheque monthly as a result of your new and improved basement. This legal rental for extra income comes with some requirements and by-laws. Our team will ensure that your new basement meets provincial regulations to ensure you a safe transition from an unfinished basement to a second suite.


With extra money in tow, you can secure your financial position by increasing the value on your property with basements being a great return of investment reaching 70 to 75% as well as give you the necessary funds to pay for children’s tuition, extracurriculars or save up for a family vacation each year.


Why Choose Penguin Basements?


All of these potential uses for your finished basement and more are examined meticulously to the last detail by our team of hard-working, experienced and licensed professionals for which we have been awarded the 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Consumer Choice Award in the GTA as well as the 2020 Basement Renovation of the Year.


Why is this? Because our sales don’t come from flashy marketing campaigns, but instead from real people. Over 80% of our projects are done as a result of referrals from family, friends, and neighbours. This is because we provide a flexible approach to our clients so that we can meet your terms instead of vice versa. If you’re interested in a finished basement, contact us now by getting a free quote or calling us at 1-866-429-0649.


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