Legal: Applies to new basement builds only, booked in London, Ontario before August 31, 2020. Retail value of $1600. Valid only in the following postal codes: N6E, N6P, N6N, N6M, N6L, N6K, N6J, N6G, N5V, N5Z, N5Y, N5X, N6B, N5W, N6A, N6C, N6H.






Are you looking for quality basement renovation services in London, Ontario? If so, look no further than Penguin Basements.


Bordering the north of Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario, London is home to a range of cultural landmarks, from museums to galleries, along with national parks. Known as “Forest City”, London is a city that offers desirable housing opportunities, low crime rates, and excellent education and health care facilities to its residents, making it a prime destination for new homeowners looking for a city with no compromises.


A home in London is a great investment, and one of the strongest ways to make your investment return even higher is to look at the underutilized space beneath your feet – your basement.




A basement refinished for personal use is a great way to increase living space without the hassle of moving. You can add an extra family room, entertainment space, a games room, a kid’s play area, an in-home theatre, a wine cellar, or even an extra bedroom. Or perhaps, you’re considering extra bedrooms in the form of an income-generating second suite for rent.




Whether you’re looking for a private room you can call your own or increased space for the family to come together in to enjoy some quality time, the potential of a finished basement for personal use is unparalleled.


Consider setting up the perfect bachelor’s den in your newly finished basement – a room you can retreat to for some peace and quiet away from the bustle of family life, furnished with all your favourite activities to help you relax after a taxing day.


Or, perhaps, use the extra space to set up a hobby room you can visit for craftwork, art, or music, or as a reading room to help you immerse yourself in your book. You can even configure a private home cinema where you can watch all your favourite movies from the comfort of your own home.


You might also want to set up your newly finished basement as an activity room for your kids to give them a place to exert their energy and spend some quality time together without getting under your feet, or even set aside the space as a spare room for an older child that has moved away but still visits home.




London currently offers the lowest amount of permitted basement units for rent per capita in the country – despite increasing demand and recent movements by local government to fast track “granny units” to offset the province-wide affordable housing crisis. This makes London the perfect place for your second suite bedroom renovation, as not only will it increase the comfort of your home and improve your amenities, but it will also suit the growing demands of the bustling city.


Adding a second suite as a rental space can also be the perfect opportunity to bring in extra income for your family, especially when the renovation is carried out by a professional who can navigate your budget, design ideas, and the city’s laws and permit requirements. At Penguin Basements, our team of experts is well-versed in everything that goes into a successful basement renovation project, from an in-depth understanding of local zoning, fire, and building code requirements to the mastery of a personal approach ready to incorporate all of your design ideas.




Regardless of the direction you choose for your basement renovation, Penguin Basements is here to help. As winners of the Basement Renovation of the Year Award in 2019, as well as multiple Consumer Choice Awards over the years, our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you bring your dreams into reality, with a business model built on our Smart-Basements approach to quality basements completed on time and with your satisfaction in mind.


When working with us at Penguin Basements, our team will connect you with the highest standard of resources and professionals. Your personal project manager will partner with you to navigate your design ideas in order to help you match them with the best choices on the market for efficient, effective, and modern designs for your specific renovation project. We will also handle all of the legal responsibilities involved in your renovation project, allowing you to bypass having to wade through municipal by-laws and government requirements.


We also offer you a written quotation to help make sure everything is on track and going according to plan, helping you make the most of your investment while following the boundaries of your budget.


When working on your basement renovation, we are committed to following the highest standards of safety, and have a number of parameters set in place in order to ensure we are operating with the highest levels of care possible, especially during the changing times of the pandemic. We make sure to limit the number of personnel on-site at any given moment, and take the time to clean and disinfect everything in our work area before project completion, along with setting up polyethylene barriers to limit any possible contamination outside of our control.


We will help you build the basement you have always dreamt of, whether it’s for your personal use or rental income. Call us today, and we’ll get things started quickly.


Call us at 519-914-5177 to set up a date and time for one of our contractors to call and/or visit your home. Alternatively, you can use the FREE ESTIMATE form on this page to reach out to us. Fill it out, submit it, and we’ll be back in contact with you quickly. Whatever you have in mind for the basement, rest assured that we know how to make it happen.




What is the first thing I should do when upgrading my basement?


When upgrading your basement or renovating it for a new purpose, the first thing you should do is make sure you have a plan in mind, and that you are working with a dedicated professional who can be there to advise you on the technicalities of your design as it evolves. The services of a professional are critical when upgrading your basement, as they know what to look out for.


What is the hardest part of finishing a basement?


When it comes to finishing a basement, the hardest part is typically figuring out how to work around established construction features and structural elements, especially when they obstruct the work area. These elements can include drains, ducts, and gas lines, as well as wiring and pipe networks.



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