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Just about everything in your house is to your liking. There’s one more area that could use some work. That is your basement.


Have you been thinking of finishing a basement? If, so, that’s an excellent project to consider. A basement finishing coupled with a full basement renovation is a great way to add more living space without having to build an addition to the house. It’s also a wonderful strategy for adding value to the home and increasing the return on your investment.


Let’s talk a little about what’s involved and why this is a home improvement project that will benefit you now, later, and even if you decide to sell the property in the future.


What’s Involved With Finishing a Basement?


Finishing a basement does mean getting a contractor involved. You want a professional who is up to date on all local residential codes and can relate them to all the tasks associated with the finishing. At Penguin Basements, you can count on us to follow every regulation that’s relevant to your property. When we’re done, you can bet that the finished basement will pass any type of home inspection.


What will we do as part of the finishing process? A lot depends on the general condition of the space. Expect us to look closely for signs of mold. If it’s present, we’ll handle all aspects of the mold remediation before moving forward.


Our Penguin Basements team will inspect the foundation to ensure it’s solid. From there, we’ll make any repairs to the walls and floors that may be needed. After that, we’ll waterproof and seal all surfaces. If there’s a need to encapsulate ductwork, crawl spaces, or other parts of the basement, we’ll take care of that too.


You’ll know in advance what we plan on doing as part of the finishing. Before anything takes place, you’ll receive a detailed quote that lists everything along with the costs. Should we come across any new issues during the finishing, rest assured you’ll be alerted immediately.


Making Improvements to the Plumbing and Wiring


One of the factors we will want to discuss is the plumbing and wiring. It’s not just about making sure what’s already in place is up to local codes. We’ll talk with you about enhancing both features and see what you think.


What’s the reasoning? Future uses of the space may call for more outlets, light fixtures, and other electrical elements. You may also need ready access to pipes in different areas of the basement. Our goal is to work with you and identify where those additions can be placed so the basement has all the versatility that you want.


Settling on the Use: What Can You Do With a Finished and Renovated Basement?


How many ways are there to utilize a finished basement? You’d be surprised at how creative homeowners can get once they have basements that are dry, comfortable, and easily adapted. Here are some examples of what we’ve done for past clients.


  • Nanny’s Quarters: If you have a live-in nanny for the kids, the basement can be made into a charming private space for your employee. It provides the perfect sanctuary when the workday is over. If you don’t have a nanny but do have any type of live-in domestic help, the basement can also be made into a cozy home for them.
  • Guests Suites: Where do you prepare sleeping space for visiting friends and relatives? If the current plan requires the kids to double up to free up a bedroom, it’s time to make some changes. A basement can be converted into a beautiful guest suite complete with a private bath. Your guests will love it and the family will be happy sleeping in their beds.
  • Home Office: Every home needs space set aside to keep important documents, work on home budgets, and make sure the bills are paid. Since you don’t have a space like that, convert the basement into a home office. Along with working space, it can also be a sanctuary where you can catch some quiet.
  • Game/Family Room: Family or game rooms are intended to be fun and casual spaces. The basement can be the perfect spot to set up a widescreen television for movies and such. Include tables for games. An area devoted to playing video games is also a good idea. Talk to us about how a basement can fulfill all these functions.
  • Studio Apartment: Along with second suites, you can also think about converting the basement into a lovely studio apartment. It’s ideal if you have an elderly relative coming to live with you. It can also be rented out for extra income, making it all the easier to recoup your investment in the finishing and renovation. We’ll make sure all the legal rental requirements are met so you don’t have to deal with a hassle in the future.


When It’s Time to Sell


The day may come when you want to downsize by moving to a smaller place. When that happens, it’s nice to know that your basement provided more than some additional personal space. It will also allow you to command a higher asking price for the property.


A finished basement that can be used for multiple purposes is sure to catch the eye of prospective buyers. That will pave the way for receiving offers soon after the property is placed on the market. You can bet that a savvy Realtor will know how to advertise the property and play up all the features that the basement has to offer.


Now’s a great time to start making plans for the basement finishing and renovation. Call Penguin Basements in Milton today at 1-866-262-8298 and speak to one of our experts. You can also complete and submit the FREE ESTIMATE form on this page, and we’ll be in touch quickly. In no time at all, our team will be there to inspect the basement, identify what needs to be done, and even talk with you about what it would take to make the space perfect for whatever you have in mind. Whether your home is in Milton, Halton Region, or anywhere else in the GTA, we stand ready to help.



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