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Do you live in the Greater Area, Kanata or Nepean? If so, do you think that now is the time to add more living space to your home? Or, provide your family with an additional income? Take it from us, you won’t go far wrong if you decide on a basement renovation by Penguin Basements. Already, you have all the utilities in place: water, electricity, drainage and heating. As well as sturdy foundations, walls and a roof. And these, are often the most expensive parts of building a home. Finished basements not only provide extra room for your growing family, but they also provide a way to earn extra income by having a second suite. Often, at far less cost than you would expect.


More room for the family


It always seems like our kids grow up fast. Before you know it, they want a place to play on their own or invite their friends around to watch the latest movie. A studio apartment for the personal use of the family is a brilliant idea. And, is often one that almost every parent considers as an alternative to the house being overrun by youngsters.


Contact our team at Penguin Basements and we will initially advise you on the practicalities of your plans. We are experts at basement finishing and can design the perfect way for you to increase your family’s living space.


Perhaps, you are initially considering a playroom for the younger teens. Maybe combine it with a hobby room, music room or home cinema. If so, remember that it doesn’t stop there. The advantages of a home within a home extend to:


  • Live-in accommodation for your children’s caregiver.
  • Somewhere for your grown-up child to live, while at university. Even better, they can do their own laundry too!
  • How about after university? They have their first job, but can’t afford to pay the rent on an apartment nearer the city.
  • Elderly parents and in-laws often need somewhere to live, where they are independent but under your watchful eye.


How about having a second suite rental?


Alternatively, your finished basement can be used as a method of bringing in some extra income. In 2005, Ottawa City approved secondary dwelling units in most of the city. After all this time, if you still have an unfinished basement or have recently moved in, we can give you advice on what is legal and practical when converting your basement. Let us know your ideas and your budget and we will design and build a finished basement ready to rent out for profit.


For those who already have units, that were built before this time. It’s an opportunity to upgrade to meet the zoning, fire and building codes, and make yours into a legal rental. Speak to Penguin Basements and we will give you a quotation to bring your existing second suite up to standard. This will give you peace of mind for your investment when it’s time to sell up and move on.


Having said that, when you and your partner retire and find the main house is too large to look after, you might not want to move house. Why not simply move into the self-contained studio apartment in the basement and rent out the main house upstairs? This will have the dual advantage of giving you somewhere to live that’s easy to maintain, as well as providing an extra income for your retirement.


Why come to us at Penguin Basements?


For starters, we are a member of the Canadian Home Builder’s Association. Next, we don’t mind if you ask us for a quotation and then compare it with one from another company. In fact, we encourage you to do this. Finally, we take on between 300 and 500 basement renovations a year. So, get in touch with our team today for our initial no-obligation estimate. Renovating a basement is a serious project, and a quote can’t be done over the phone. We always come and see for ourselves the state of your basement, and tell you its potential.


  • We provide a written quotation. Although you might be on a budget, we will still use only the best construction materials. You are considering a major investment. So, we will use materials that last many years.
  • All our teams contain members who are either fully trained or undergoing supervised training.
  • We build to standards that are at least as good as the current province and national construction codes.
  • We hold all relevant insurances. And, will deal with the City to apply for permits on your behalf.
  • We always keep a safe and well-organized workplace. It’s always important to ensure the safety of our employees and clients.


Make your plans real


Everyone has different plans for their basement. It’s what makes them truly unique. Whether your plans include a legal rental, second suite. Or, a studio apartment and hobby room for personal use. You’ll be pleased to know that we can take your plans and make them into something special. Alternatively, you can choose from our portfolio of ready made finished basements and we can give them an additional tweak, if necessary.


If you are still not sure and want to learn more about Penguin Basements. And, at the same time find out what makes us tick. Please, browse through the many articles on our blog “Basement Banter”. You will find heaps of information to inspire your imagination and provide reassurance, that we know what we are doing.


So, if you live in Ottawa or the surrounding area, the next step is so simple. Pick up the phone today and give us a call on 613-800-6100. We’ll organize a free in-home inspection and give you a no-obligation estimate. Alternatively, we have an easy form you can fill out on this page. Just complete the online form to the best of your ability and we’ll get back as soon as possible to arrange an initial meeting.

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