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The Renovation Specialists

Designers have a vision.  And there’s nothing worse for a designer or their client than when that vision isn’t properly realized by the contractor tasked with bringing your ideas to life.  Working with a contractor to make a client’s renovation progress on time and on budget can be a difficult thing for a designer to manage or control.  At Penguin, we realized we were sitting on the solution.  Penguin is as much a Project Management Company as it is a Construction Company.  We are experts at quoting a project accurately, and using Gantt schedules to make sure the dance of trades coming in and out of a project are in perfect harmony.  So we thought, we could adapt our processes, and grant access to our project management and quoting tools to designers lacking a corporate infrastructure to ensure they have the power and control of their projects to please their clients, and grow their business.  We have built-in Designer pricing, of course.  And to ensure we built this program correctly, we enlisted ProBuilt’s head designer Maria Perketa to oversee the program’s creation to ensure we are listening to and delivering solutions for the independent designer looking for a contracting partner they can trust.  Sign up below to find out more.

Finished Basements


We can help you and your clients visualize their finished basement needs from both a planning and budgetary perspective.  Help your clients intelligently and cost-effectively expand their living space, add an in-home theatre or to build a properly permitted basement apartment for Grandma, or better yet to generate income.  Once we understand your needs, we work together to build out your clients renovations via our project managed approach and unique partner portal.  We’ll invite you to our offices to work closely with our staff to realize the tiniest details, and then we’ll build you a basement constructed to protect against mold and mildew for life by using basement appropriate non-organic materials instead of the typical gypsum drywall and wood studs that have no place in a basement environment

Reimaginged Condos


Condos are boxes, quite literally and the design for them remains mired in this boxed-in thinking.  We encourage our Interior Design partners to help their clients think out of the box, and to design a condo suited for the individual who wants more light, more storage, more functional space and more return on their investment.  Whether you are renovating an old Condominium to take advantage of additional square feet and honest maintenance fees, or a new condo to flip, or to create a highly desirable rental, Penguin can help you execute your plans, on time and on budget and with the full approval of the condo board.  Really, do you want to keep those headaches for yourself?

Classic Kitchens


The most popular home renovations, simply because nothing transforms a home as much as this signature gathering space.  We can help you plan, cost, and execute your clients’ dream kitchens.  And we can give you access to our buying power for cabinetry and fixtures and you can pass on the savings.  Feel free to push the kitchen design paradigm, knowing full-well that the Penguin Group of companies have your back in any home renovation project.  Check out our renovation specialty sites here:





• Special Designer Pricing
• Increased Buying Power
• Building Plans & Permits
• Accurate Estimates & Timelines

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