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Do you live in York Region? Are you considering having your basement finished? If your answer to both of these questions is “Yes”, get in touch with us at Penguin Basements. Then, invite us to your place, and we will chat about your plans. We will give you an accurate estimate, completely free of charge, for the work needed to turn your basement into a useful part of your home.


Build a family room


You’ve probably heard that York Region permits approved second suites for rental. But have you thought about creating an extra living room for you and your family instead? If so, we believe it would be a great idea to finish your basement and provide some additional space for your family to use?


Wouldn’t you like to have a basement space as an addition to your home? How many families dream about having a dedicated room where they can play board games together, watch the latest movies, or play video games? You can also have a hobby corner, home gym or pool table if you prefer. Depending on the size of your basement, you can have all these and more.


How many times have you wanted to invite friends over for a party, but needed somewhere to put the kids? The adults could party downstairs, while the kids are safely tucked in bed. Or you can have the upstairs and let the kids have a sleepover in the basement.


When you have a self-contained, fully finished basement for your family, the list of uses is almost endless.


Alternatively, you can turn your basement into a rent-free sheltered apartment for dependent members of your family. You probably have elderly parents or in-laws who want some independence to live their life as they see fit. But they also need you to be nearby in case of an emergency. Or you might have a grown-up son or daughter who needs to practice living alone. Do they want to come and go as they please through their separate front door? When they are starting their first job, they certainly don’t need the added expense of a high rental apartment.


There are also plenty of other people who would love to pay you to live in your basement.


Second suites


You may choose to receive a rental income from people who need somewhere to live. You can:


  • Either use your basement apartment to provide a legal rental apartment to tenants of all income levels, by supplying a good quality second suite. This will then bring you in line with York Region’s Phase 2 of its 10-year housing plan.
  • Or, later in life, when you find your home too big to manage, move into the apartment and rent out the main house. You can charge far more for the entire house, which will provide you with an additional retirement income.
  • Instead of concentrating on personal uses for your basement, there are plenty of commercial reasons why you should let us build a second suite for you. Just ask, and a member of our team will advise you on available rental options for your investment.


Choose which option you consider more important.


  • Extra space for your family to enjoy.
  • Allowing family members to live safely and rent-free under your watchful eye while still giving them personal freedom.
  • Bringing in some extra income for your retirement when the kids have families of their own.


Whichever scenario you choose for your investment, whether you’re helping others, yourself or both, you must discuss your ideas and dreams with the professionals. Contact us today for a no-obligation initial survey and estimate.


Why Penguin Basements?


We all have great dreams about what we want our home to look like. Basement renovation is often high up on the list. But not all plans are feasible. Ask us for advice, and we will help you make your dreams come true and produce a room that you can be proud of.


All our work meets or exceeds the building codes enforced by the Provincial and municipal governments. Furthermore, our second to none professionalism and personal service to our clients show why we are the region’s leading specialist building company.


We have many tried and tested design spreads which we can adjust to suit your requirements. Our designs incorporate all those specialist necessities needed for basement finishing to produce a habitable personal room for the family. This means if you are shopping on a budget, your basement will still look as good as those you see on television home makeover shows or within home design magazines.


Use a professional company with a good reputation.


Like all professional companies, ours is a member of a variety of trade associations. They work on uplifting the construction industry using their codes of conduct and ethics.


We at Penguin Basements take our responsibilities as a contractor very seriously:



Ask us at Penguin Basements to fix the problems in your basement, and we will convert it into a liveable space. You’ll soon notice that our team works a little differently from some other construction contractors. Our guys always keep a safe and hazard-free workplace. And whoever we send into your home is professional and good at what they do.


You’ll have a project manager allocated to you. They’ll be your friend throughout the experience and your point of contact, always on hand to smooth over any difficulties or problems with the build.


We make sure that everyone working on your property is either fully trained or is being trained by a qualified professional.


Everyone, both our staff and you as our client, will be safe during the project, as everyone has full insurance cover. Staff and client safety must take precedence throughout the project’s duration, and we at Penguin Basements make sure it does.


Where do I go now?


Call us for a consultation on 1-866-262-8298. Alternatively, complete the FREE ESTIMATE form on this page, and we will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient time to inspect your basement and have a chat.


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